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Brand. New. Growth. Wolff Olins is a brand business. From London, New York and Dubai, we work strategically with ambitious organisations worldwide. These days, people believe not what you say, but what you do. So we use brand to help clients do new things. New businesses. New experiences. New relationships. New ways. New things that challenge, provoke, reinvent. And create spectacular new growth. We help clients achieve new ambitions through brand-led strategy. We help them capture their brand idea, devise the best brand architecture, and manage their brand for maximum impact. Recent strategy clients include GE, Skype and Sony. We help clients create new businesses and services through brand-led innovation. And we help create the best possible customer experience, in store and online. Recent innovation clients include PepsiCo, Mercedes-Benz and Tata DOCOMO. We help clients reach new levels of performance through brand-led transformation. We use the power of brand to engage, excite and embolden their employees. Recent transformation clients include Unilever and Airtel. And we help clients carve out a new presence in the world through brand communication. We help them create brand names, visual and verbal identities, and communication strategies – online and offline. Recent communication clients include AOL, Amnesty International and Qatar Financial Centre. We’re 140 people, ambitious for clients, and optimistic for the world.

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