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Vinformation services three groups of clients: - Foreign suppliers seeking distribution in Denmark - Foreign wine organisations seeking to get maximum press coverage in Danish media. - Danish companies in the wine & spirits trade <b>Foreign suppliers seeking distribution in Denmark:</b> Are you a wine producer looking for a wine importer in Denmark? Denmark has more than 1600 wine importers, and finding one to offer your wine to will not be difficult. However, as Danish wine importers are highly specialized, you can save a lot of time and samples by narrowing down the number to the wine importers best suited for your wines. I can help you narrow your search to only the most relevant importers, and save you a lot of time, trouble and money! <b>Foreign wine organisations seeking maximum press coverage in Danish media.</b> Are you a wine organization looking for a wine writer in Denmark? There are approximately 100 wine writers in Denmark, so finding someone to invite to your work shop or on a trip to your wine area is not difficult. However, selecting the right wine writer for your event is crucial. I can help you pick precisely the writers who are best-suited for your event. For a very modest fee, I can help you select the right Danish wine writers, to ensure you that you will get maximum coverage for the money you invest in your event. <b>Services offered to Danish companies in the wine & spirits trade include:</b> -Handling press relations -Wine marketing -Wine buying -Wine writing, search engine optimized if desired -Sparring on website developing <b>Contact details for Tore Scheel:</b> E-mail: [email protected] Mobile: +45 2929 8887

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