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As of February 1, 2010, we have changed our company name to UD Trucks Corporation and have also adopted UD Trucks as our unified brand name. Over the years we have accumulated extensive experience and a proven track record as a professional manufacturer of trucks and buses. And our employees have cultivated the skills and know-how for making the most of that experience. All of us bring a dedicated passion to our work, as we constantly seek to open new doors and continue to meet the needs of the times. In every situation, we always adhere to our principle of putting the customer first. And we make every effort to foster the solid trust of our customers as their dependable business partner. This strong determination, backed by decisive action and conviction, is what we have infused into the UD brand. In order to express our philosophy at UD Trucks more clearly, we have adopted this motto here, "Road to Your Success," as our commitment to our customers. We want to travel together with our customers as a dependable partner on the road to success. It is our intention to do everything in our power to contribute to the success of our customers. That is the meaning of the "Road to Your Success." The designation UD comes from the initials of the "uniflow scavenging diesel engine," an innovative 2-cycle diesel engine that the company developed in 1950. UD became the company''s trademark and the brand name of our vehicles. Over the years we have given the initials UD even greater significance in that they have come to stand for Ultimate Dependability. In changing the company name from Nissan Diesel to UD Trucks, we are entrusting our new future to this name. Needless to say, our policy of making Ultimate Dependability the core of our business philosophy that emphasizes close ties with our customers will not change. We intend to make UD Trucks a global truck brand that is one of the leading brands of the Volvo Group. We will provide solutions that encompass the entire spectrum of the logistics business, rather than simply being a manufacturer that provides trucks and buses. And we will deliver products and services that fully satisfy the needs of each and every customer. This is what you can expect from UD Trucks in the years ahead. Thank you very much. UD Trucks Corporation President Satoru Takeuchi

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