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# NGS. The men and women of the United States Armed Forces risk their lives day in and day out to defend our great nation and the values it holds dear. There is No Greater Sacrifice than that made by these brave Americans: to put themselves in harm''s way so that others might live and prosper. In doing so, some pay the ultimate price via life or limb, leaving behind the families who love them. No Greater Sacrifice ("NGS") was created to pick up where these heroes left off: to raise funds to support the educational needs of children and families. In so doing, we do our part - no matter how small - to honor this sacrifice and our commitment to our men and women in uniform. NGS accomplishes its mission in part by partnering with charities already on the ground, including: The Marine Corps - Law Enforcement Foundation The Special Operations Warrior Foundation The Achilles Foundation And other local charities that support the NGS mission No Greater Sacrifice Foundation is a District of Columbia not for profit corporation and is recognized as an organization qualified for tax exemption under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. All donations will be used solely for the education of the families of service members who have either fallen in the line of duty or have been seriously wounded as a result of service in the global war on terror. The organization is staffed solely by volunteers and does not have any paid employees or professional fund raisers.

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