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When creating our creative firm we wanted to create a very unique brand a brand easy identifiable and attractive. During the brand design process our initial audience were pre-schoolers and to see how they reacted and engaged the logo. The children often tracing the logo with their finger with out any instructions, just by curiousness which told us that it was very engaging. We than told them what the logo meant and was. We wanted to test the memory of the brand so we visited the pre-school after a few weeks with the logo printed on t-shirts and the kids remembered exactly what it was. So after we declared the brand we started wearing the shirts with the brand on it to local store, like Starbucks. YUM! People started asking us what artist signature it was, we laughed and said that it was the branding of our creative firm. Which every response is, “WOW, would love to get a shirt from you guys.”. Also, when we have prospect and customers view our site we generally always get the reaction that they love the uniqueness or our brand and the fact that it catches their attention and simple can get the branding out of their head.

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