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Tecnodata . Education systems for valuing life . Before understanding transit and education, understands Tecnodata prevention . And as obvious as it sounds , what is lacking for humans is prevention . Preventing traffic accidents and work , preventing damage to the environment , prevent evils that affect our own health to live longer and better. And how to do that if prevention is not learned at home? You do not learn in school . Prevention is not discipline. The Tecnodata shows . And teach . After all , there are more than 10 years creates , develops and markets systems of education aimed at prevention and appreciation of life . Began in traffic education as the first company in Brazil to develop methods and intelligent materials for the training of new drivers . With this, it became the largest company in the sector operating nationally , and today uses all his knowledge to bring prevention education to the areas of safety, health and environment . The Tecnodata decreases the distance between information , knowledge and education and their applications in practical life . In other words : prepare children, youth and adults for those tests that take place outside of the classroom .

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