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K. MARAÞ ANATOLIAN TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL, VOCATIONAL TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL and COLLEGE OF INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT AGENCY and Kahramanmaras Male art school, the time for the first time in 1945 in accordance with the decision taken by the Ministry of Education Head of salvation for the school was opened in 2 sections, including blacksmith and carpentry. 2 Years later in 1947 block of current workshops by the school single-storey buildings has been moved here. Industrial Vocational High School and under: Anatolian Technical High School in 1996, today the establishment of school completed by opening the computer and electrical parts. Industrial Vocational High School; In 1947, Leveling, Metal, Wood Works departments Department of Electricity in 1966 Engine Division in 1981 Department of Electronics in 1982 Mak.Ressamligi in 1984, Computer Parts In 2005, CNC Department Technical High Schools; In 1976, Department of Mechanical Department of Electricity in 1984 In 1991, CNC Department Anatolian Technical High School; In 1996, Computer, Electrical Parts opened. From the 2006/2007 academic year, instead of leveling and removing sections of CNC Machine Technology Area, instead of removing sections of Electrical and Electronics Electrical and Electronics Technology Area, Department of Motor Vehicles Motor lifted Technology, Department of Computer Information Technologies instead of removing, instead of removing metal Department of Metal Technology Space, Furniture and Decoration Department of Wood Technology Area was opened instead of removed. Anatolian Vocational High School, within the academic year 2006/2007 from the Automation Technologies has completed the establishment of today''s opening.

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