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SWOT RESEARCH was established in 2004, as the first agency in Macedonia with an expertise for providing service quality research through the method of Mystery Shopping. Since May 1st 2005, SWOT RESEARCH is a member of the International Mystery Shopping Association MSPA and a signee of the professional standards principles and ethical conduct, established by MSPA. As of 2010, based on its strong professional background and record, SWOT RESEARCH is a part in the World Research Organization ESOMAR, abiding by the ICC/ESOMAR International Code on Market and Social Research Having in mind that the success of each company derives from satisfying the needs of its clients, SWOT RESEARCH has built its corporate philosophy around the mission “Helping our clients create loyal customers”. In SWOT RESEARCH we adapt our services to our clients’ needs in order to identify the key results that will deliver true value, and will be the basis for strategic decision making. Our vision is to be a reliable agency, which delivers key results being flexible and easy to work with.

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