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Summa is a global imaging equipment manufacturer for the aerospace, sign making, labeling and outdoor advertising industries. The Summa logo is the cornerstone of the Summa brand. The oblique typeface is indicative of the forward-thinking innovation which is a trademark of the company. Likewise, the bold, modern simplicity reflects the precision and strength inherent in Summa products. The current incarnation of the Summa logo was developed from the existing logo. Original logo elements were retained in order to retain continuity and further represent the tradition of excellence gained from over 30 years of industry experience. A registered trademark symbol appears in the upper right area outside of the logotype. Do not manipulate or remove the symbol without prior approval from Summa Marketing. If there are any questions about how to use any of the brand elements or if additional information is necessary, contact Royce Owen, Director of Marketing, at 1-800-527-7778 ext 106 or send an email to

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