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SigmaTEK Systems, LLC, is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, near the heart of the U.S. manufacturing belt. Founded in 1992, SigmaTEK provides software solutions to enhance efficiency and profitability for sheet metal, wood, and composite fabricators through its CAD/CAM nesting platform – SigmaNEST. SigmaTEK has sales and support offices branches throughout the U.S., UK, Europe, China, Japan, India, Australia and South America, with resellers in South America, Eastern Europe, and Russia. Because of SigmaTEK’s mission for ongoing research and development, SigmaNEST software provides superior capabilities in NC programming and automatic nesting. It offers a strong breadth and depth of functionality to ensure accurate part cutting, optimal material usage, and reduced cutting time. SigmaNEST is ideal for all major profile cutting systems including plasma, laser, punch, waterjet, oxyfuel, router, and knife cutters. SigmaTEK Services broadens the SigmaNEST solution by adding consulting and custom programming to customers needing higher levels of automation, from interfacing SigmaNEST with the MRP to fully automated, programmerless operations. SigmaTEK Systems, LLC was founded by a group of manufacturing and engineering CAD/CAM experts with decades of experience in the fields of production optimization and automation. The first SigmaNEST software package was installed in 1992. Since its formation, the company has experienced continual growth with more than 7000 SigmaNEST installations worldwide

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