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# We live in times contradictory. Sure you could say that the world is becoming smaller due to faster communications, Internet and media. One could also say that it is growing, as distances increase and the local solutions are becoming fewer, global companies will take over and small, are, unfortunately, increasingly outdated. Selga has always been based on the idea of the local. Although the company is nationwide, we have always been committed between regions. We know we are doing our best wholesale jobs if we are closer to the customer and therefore we work through from the local idea. Nothing big central warehouse or unnecessarily long journeys - no - instead we strive to work with fast decision paths and locally adapted range. Much has happened since its inception in 1969, but some things remain unchanged. We continue to strive to make our customers'' life easier and to provide the Swedish electricians with quality goods. Every day we''re building on Selgas three pillars: - Stock - Information - Distribution It is these three pillars that make us a complete electrical wholesalers with clear focus on meeting each client''s unique needs. With the desire to help, industry knowledge and commitment, we take ourselves with the future - and although we are a large company in the ground, we continue to work on, the local entrepreneurship. Welcome to Selga!

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