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We are pleased to introduce ourselves as RST Eco Energy Pvt. Ltd established in 27, February 2014. This is very innovative start-up deals with most innovative and cost effective product for Indian’s. This is very first and only one start-up they meets the customer’s needs and requirement. There is a general need for more studies that combine several techniques; exploiting the best of each and using these practically RST is the most useful nomenclature in the field of electrical engineering its means Reseau Scientifique et Technique (French: Scientific and Technical Network) and to identify the phases of 3-phase system, we give to each of them a name, such as A-B-C, or R-S-T, or R-Y-B (in this case, red-yellow-blue, if we assign a colour to each phase, for easy visual identifications). 'R-S-T' was a German standard used to identify each of the three lines (not 'phases', as indicated in the original answer) of a three-phase system. Other countries use different standards, including A-B-C, 1-2-3, red-yellow-blue, and blue-black-grey. So our company deals with world’s most innovative product in the field of Electrical Engineering and this is reliable source of technology. To provide an Eco friendly Green Technology energy based system for rural area people which is renewable, affordable, sustainable and reliable based lighting mobile charging and cooling system, anytime, that enables people to break free from the economic, health and environmental hazards of kerosene and other flammable fuel. It's one of the best innovative product development in the world imparting value based Technical and innovative product for developing country. I strongly feel the technology has to reach people beyond the social & economic barriers. for more detail visit contact us- +91-9770855549, [email protected]

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