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Reginox develops, manufactures and sells sink units for a growing national and international client base. Manufacturing takes place at the company’s headquarters in Rijssen, the Netherlands. Reginox distinguishes itself with original and innovative sink units. Inspired by quality, innovation and design, our brand is synonymous with products of the highest quality. Reginox proves that an aesthetically pleasing sink unit can be the perfect complement to superior functionality. The sink unit: the heart of your kitchen Your sink unit is used intensively every day. That is why we make sure that every Reginox sink unit is manufactured from strong, durable materials of the finest quality. It is also important that you are able to clean and maintain your sink unit with ease. And obviously, the sink unit needs to complement your kitchen perfectly. Leading sink unit manufacturer Whatever your style or taste: Reginox always has the perfect solution for you. You can rely on us. As the Netherlands’ leading manufacturer of stainless steel sink units we have a reputation to uphold. Active worldwide Reginox is active in the worldwide market place, more than 50 countries with offices in Germany, the United Kingdom, France and Singapore. In order to better serve our clients across the globe, Reginox continues to expand. The company offers a huge range of products – sink units, washbasin units, taps for both kitchens and bathrooms, worktops and kitchen accessories. Moreover, thanks to its flexible approach Reginox is easily able to respond to current trends as well as setting new ones. Ter Steege Group Reginox has been a subsidiary of the Ter Steege Group since 1976. This well established organization boasts around thirty subsidiaries that operate under four divisions: property, construction, industry and trade. Both internal and external cooperation with the Ter Steege Group is characterized by short lines, a transparent organization and clear communication. Every division of the Ter Steege Group upholds the same standards and values: from reliability, respect and simplicity to a business-like, professional, flexible and enterprising approach.

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