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RDAcademy has it´s strong position on the market since 2007 and since then it became authority in providing complex training program utilising it´s vast material capabilities including armaments, equipment and facilities on internation level. Our products are suitable for wide range of clients from professionals from private or governmental sector, to training of beginners and events/teambuildings for companies. Our company is holder of Firearms Dealer License and we conduct our business with close cooperation with governmental agencies with high regard for law. We value privacy and good name of our client and we conduct accordingly. RDAcademy offers you wide range of classes conducted by professional instructors, seminars and events, such as: gunhandling and gun ownership under the laws of Slovak Republic (CCW permit) defensive shooting in multiple levels of proficiency tactical and combat shooting long range marksmanship close protection survival in crisis first aid in crisis assertiveness, mental hygiene and selfcontrol team development and cooperation (teambuilding / event)

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