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Rabah Printing and Packing Company The most technical for offset printing in Libya The business journey of Rabah Printing and Packing commenced as a simple project in 1986 as personal experience and skills of its founder in book and document binding and manufacturing office items where simple tools and machines were used using the best available expertise in printing till we achieved the current level which meets required international standards printing and packing. With the rapid spring of New Rabah in 2010 as a stock company and started using new capabilities and potentiality represented in importing the latest German technology "KBA" in the "Offset" printing of paper and cartoon. We also depend on Swiss Bobst experience in cutting, bending, gluing and crush processes for forming different paper packages. All such approach cannot reach prospective demands unless the latest Japanese technology "Kodack" of color separation is used, which made printing by using computers more accurate and professional.

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