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Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB) was founded in 1982, becoming the country’s first Islamic financial institution and Sharia’-compliant bank. Its products and operations are supervised by a Sharia’ board, which ensures the Bank adheres to Islamic finance principles. Capital amounted to 2.36 billion at the end of 2014.Total assets reach 96 billion.QIB is now the largest Islamic Bank in Qatar by far, with a 36% share of the Islamic sector and above 9% share of the banking market overall.QIB conducts its domestic business through 30 branches spread throughout the country in additional to private centers for Ladies and dedicated lounges for affluent customers, augmented by more than 160 multi-function ATM installations.QIB is also one of the largest Islamic banks in the MENA region and pursues a vision to become the world leader in the sector.In addition to its core banking activities, QIB has a stake in a number of other Qatari Sharia’-complaint companies like: Qinvest, Al Jazeera Finance, Aqar Real Estate, Damaan Islamic Insurance Company (Beema),Durat Al Doha.QIB’s ambitions are now international, as evidenced by its affiliate: QIB –UK in London, AFH in Lebanon, AFB in Malaysia, and QIB Sudan.QIB aims to be a bank of the people, for the people, with an ongoing commitment to enhancing its levels of customer service and becoming completely ‘customer-centric’ through adoption of the latest banking technologies. A further part of the Bank’s strategy is closely tied into the financing of national infrastructure projects, major industrial SMEs, and the trade sector.QIB has dedicated proposition for their affluent customers Tamayuz program, in addition to QIB Private Banking who covers the high end customers. QIB has also launched “Aamaly” program to serve small and medium-sized enterprises SMEs.QIB performance has been independently rated by international agencies in ‘A’ rating from Fitch, Capital Intelligence and “A-“ from Standard & Poors.QIB committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities and seek a progressive role in this field in order to implement CSR strategy through sponsoring activities and conferences (health, educational, social, cultural, environmental and charitable).QIB has been internationally recognized by a number of bodies as the ‘Best Islamic Financial Institution in Qatar.

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