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[OUR SERVICES] Broadcast design . Design from concept to production of TV packages . Opening Titles and OSP for TV Programmers and shows . Corporate Videos & Presentations 3D / 2D animation . Modeling, texturing, lighting, dynamics and animation . Visual effects for film and TV. Photoreal pack shots and demos . Fluid Simulations . Character animation Compositing . Seamless integration of CG and live action . Green screen, rotoscoping, grading, wire removal . Complex VFX shots: fire, water, destruction . Motion graphics . All formats from PAL to HD Architectural Visualization . Rendered stills: perspectives, plans, isometric sections . Architectural movie / animations with live action footage . Product rendering / Digital product sculpting Print & Environmental design . Print campaigns . Corporate identities . Packaging design . Signage design Interactive / web design . Interactive DVDs . Web design and development

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