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History of the Nordic Boats Logo Before the purchase of Davis Boat Manufacturing, DBA Nordic Boats in 2005, the company was formerly known as Nordic Powerboats. After Nordic was purchased from Orval Somerstedt, founder of Nordic Powerboats, by Randy Davis the companies name was shortened down to read Nordic Boats. Along with this name change came the update and revisions to the logo mark also known as “Morton Fern Feather” the serpent icon associated with Nordic Boats. The original logo was designed and implemented in 1964 when the company was founded. The logo has taken many forms and variation over the years, and with the competitive nature of the industry Nordic Boats has required one name and one logo in order to create better brand recognition. With domestic and international sales as well as a growing dealer network, a consistent brand image will also help establish a larger global presence. Since the Nordic name and logo was established, it made sense to keep it. It was decided that both components would be implemented into the New Nordic brand identity. Next a revamped and updated logo was needed… something that would send the right message worldwide while maintain the antiquity of the company. The serpent “Morton” was cleaned up and contained within an ellipse to relay the message of an aggressive controlled, progressive, and growing company, but it also gave Nordic Boats identity a global feel. “Nordic” was kept in the same font so that people will still associate the new image with the same company. “Boats” was added below in a hand written scripted font called Blazing Italic. Nordic Boats overall brand image are used on internal and external documents, advertising, signage, vehicle graphics, and all other opportunities for corporate branding and recognition.

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