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The Marinho & Ximenes Law Firm Lawyer Abogado it is offering to provide legal services of excellence, guided by the ethics and efficiency, striving for customer satisfaction through the achievement of their expectations. We are committed in the relentless pursuit of personalized legal solutions, taking advantage, for this, professional qualification, training of their members and the singular zeal dispensed every demand. Goals We aim to build and consolidate a positive image and high credibility in the acting scene in order to be recognized by increasing degree of satisfaction generated in those who trust us their demands. We aim to be a reference in terms of technical skills, efficiency and transparency and have a solid trust relationship with the market. Differential Our difference lies in the primacy of respectful, personalized and transparent relationship with clients, notably by proximity and strengthening of the attorney-client link. We appreciate also the constant search to reduce the response time expected for resolution of the dispute and the constant improvement of the legal instruments to leverage the successes.

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