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¿What is MamiHelper? MamiHelper is a new accesory for strollers which consists in two fabric bags that adapts to most strollers dramatically increasing the amount of space for carrying items on the stroller. MamiHelper works with most of the commercial stroller models available. ¿Who is it for? MamiHelper is a solution for parents with an active lifestyle, who wish to optimize their use of time by doing regular activities such as shopping or jogging in the company of their small children. MamiHelper allows parents to carry a lot of items in your child's stroller without extra effort. Why buy it? Regular strollers are designed to fulfill one only task, allowing parents to carry around a limited amount of items. MamiHelper maximizes your stroller's loading capacity, incorporating extra space for transporting your shopping bags, your children's toys, or any other item you wish to carry with you.

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