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LeaveOn is a revolutionary way to comunicate. LeaveOn reinvent the way to leave messages. It is like leaving a sign of your presence. It uses your smartphone GPS to leave localized messages on the planet. LeaveOn makes your BALLOON message visible only in a specific location chosen by you and readable only when you get close to it. This way your certain that the message received was sent from that specific location and not from the web. HOW DOES IT WORKS? To use LeaveOn with your smartphone download the application from the Apple and Android App stores. Register for free and create your profile. This operation may be done directly from your app in your smartphone. Visiting our website you will find a world map with all your ballon messages, your activities, friends and other information. HOW CAN I LEAVE A PERSONAL GEOLOCALIZED MESSAGE? You may leave geolocalized messages ONLY using the app downloaded in your smartphone. In any place in the world, inside or oustide open your app and select LEAVE A BALLOON. At this point you may decide to leave either a public balloon, a private balloon addressing it to any of your friends or to yourself. Now you can write a text and attach a picture to it taking it from your album or taking a picture at that moment. Now press LEAVE A BALLOON. The balloon message you have just sent will stay exactly there and will be readable only in that position with, an approximate ray of 10meters. PRIVATE BALLOONS When you decide to leave a private balloon in a specific place for instance a park you must physically go there and through your smartphone and leaveOn you may decide to leave a balloon message to any of your friends. Your balloon is now here waiting to be read. Your friend will receive a push notification toe let him know that you left a balloon for him. In order to read it your friend must go in the park where you left his balloon. When he gets close to it he will be able to enjoy it. All privates balloons may be cancelled from the sender and the receiver. You can then find your private balloons in the "read balloon " section, either in your smartphone or the website and it will appear as a green balloon positioned, inside the map, in the exact position where is located. However it will be readable only when you will be in that position with your smartphone, just like if it was a message engraved on a tree, on a bench or written on a wall and it will remain there FOREVER. However LeaveOn it respect your environment. Under the section "Unread Balloons" as red balloons you will find a list of all your messages that you have not read yet with their exact position. PUBLIC BALLOONS If the balloons left are public any LeaveOn user, under the section "public balloons", will be able to read them in the position where they were left. Public balloons may be cancelled only by who left therm. You're in vacation in PARIS under the Tour Eiffel and you want to leave a public balloon. Go under the section leave balloon select public and write your message or attach your photo. Now your balloon will remain there forever and anybody who passes by will be able to see it and read it. However in the section FRIENDS PUBLIC BALLOONS you may follow the pictures of all your friends around the world in real time. PERSONAL BALLONS You're getting married and your're leaving a balloon to yourself with a picture of you and your wife. Your balloon will remain here forever. After few years you will go back with your son and there you go, your picture is still there waiting for you. LeaveOn is now available for free on Apple and Android store. LeaveOn, leave your balloon messages on the planet....forever. LeaveOn, leave a sign of your presence.

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