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The colours - Green / Grey: The green is a throwback to the Hayleys lineage. It is also a very optimistic colour signifying growth / profits. It is also the colour for nature and so incorporates our ethos of social and environmental responsibility. Gray is a very business-oriented colour. It is formal but without the harshness of black. It is the uniform of the corporate world. In language gray signifies ‘intelligence’ (gray matter), gray is also ‘wisdom’, as signified by ‘grey in the hair’. Also by highlighting ‘DEA’ in gray, it calls extra attention to our core strength, Business Ideas. The element: The stylized ‘Y’ brings a youthful and modern slant to the otherwise straight laced font of the logo. The ‘Y’ when seen in conjuncture with the ‘Green Dot’ also forms the ‘i’ of the word idea. While the green dot floating outside the square box of green, represents the ‘OUT OF THE BOX’ thinking and ideas that we bring, to the advantage of our clients.

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