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Founded in 2009 as a premier online destination for precious metal purchase, GoldUnion is the European Group's flagship venture into the precious metal retail market outside the European Union. Formation of GoldUnion was a product of the immense surge in demand for investment grade precious metals following the aftermath of the financial crisis in 2008. Capitalizing on European Group’s extensive global network within the precious metal and its related industries, GoldUnion is able to offer clients exclusive access to the highly lucrative European precious metals markets. Since our formation in 2009, GoldUnion has evolved into a trusted brand name that represents fair, transparent and safe portal for precious metals purchases. Much of our success is attributed to the European Group's well-established position in the precious metal industry, enabling us to offer customers the best available dealers' price for investment grade precious metals. Redefining precious metals as the safe-haven of choice, GoldUnion's unique model enables clients to purchase and hold precious metals without being exposed to the risk of short-term price volatility.

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