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Established In 2011, FreshFolks Is a Independent streetwear brand from the Netherlands. A lifestyle brand with a solid traditional Hip Hop foundation. As 90's kids practicing the art of Hip Hop FreshFolks was founded out of pure passion for 80's and 90's Rap music,Soul,Funk, Jazz, Dj-Ing/Turntablism,Beatmaking/Sampling, Bboying, Popping, Locking, Crate Diggin and Writing. An authentic brand by Hip Hop enthousiasts for those who still give a shit about preserving these good things, and everybody who appreciate quality gear. FreshFolks Is more than a clothing brand, It's a state of mind. We preserve the things we love captured In our designs, designs Inspired by traditional crafts of the Hip Hop elements,Lines from rap songs and philosophic designs. All t-shirt designs are numbered and printed In Amsterdam. We use waterbased silkscreen printing, for that quality print that you can't feel,on quality garments in limited quantities. A pasionate brand that stands for Passion over money, quality, originality,and oldskool freshness.

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