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The name Enzo D'Ambrosio automatically connects us to photography and high fashion. This young Venezuelan, born in Caracas in 1968, relates to the image at a very early age. Handheld, capturing situations and landscapes of our city and any other that had the opportunity to visit. Learn the craft under the tutelage of the best Venezuelan photographers with whom he worked, developing the skills that today make him an artist of the stature of the few in our country. In 1987, D'Ambrosio has an important turning point in his career and begins photographing ballet, developing a range of techniques and skills that will make his work deeply. In 1993 and assembled his own laboratory, performs important work in black and white for other photographers and the industry in general. This artist has participated in various exhibitions and competitions such as "Latin American Photography" in Colombia 1996; the "Intermodel" Mexico 1997; "Expofoto" 97 and 98; "Meeting of Young Artists Great Masters" 1999 and a solo exhibition in the "Photographic Society of San Sebastián Spain" 1999. In the past two years D`Ambrosio Enzo has deepened her work in the use and refinement of the use of light. Also it has been engaged in research in the areas of infrared photography and digital photography. Among the accolades, highlight "First Prize Intermodel Fashion" in 1997 and "The First Prize Expofoto Art" in 1998. Winner of "Best of Dot Com" 2004 in the category Plastic Artist and Photographer for your website design by Jainner Giron Lamus It is related to high fashion Venezuela and internationally through various means, such as magazine covers, among which we can mention "Fashion Magazine" Photograph fashion of the finest designers, photo archive documenting private collections and imaging model of one of the most important institutions in the Caribbean. Enzo has also had the opportunity to experience in the management area, serving as director of advertising photography AVECOFA in 1997-1998. One of his recent work is linked to the world of jewelry to document the work of the most famous Venezuelan goldsmith in order to mount a traveling exhibition in 2001 which will be highlighted by the work of D'Ambrosio.

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