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Saini Romano began producing terminals in 1973. This was the onset of the EGI SRL that, thanks to a steady growth over the years, has become one of the leading companies in both Italy, where it counts among its customers companies such as Enel, Ferrovie dello Stato, AEM and ABB, and all around the world. With the further support of Romano’s two daughters, Katia and Simona, the company has built a commercial structure at the highest levels of functionality and efficiency, thus enabling it to compete in international markets, offering innovative and functional products that identify the company as ‘Made in Italy’ in this sector. The range of EGI’s terminals is the most complete and there is actually no terminal, ranging from 0.25 to 1,000 mm ², that cannot be manufactured swiftly and at low cost; this is made possible because all the process, research, development and production molds are made in house. As far as production is concerned, the copper ETP.99, 9, which provides better conductivity, is mainly used, and the protective treatment is obtained by electrolytic tinning average 6-7 micron thick. The insulation is achieved by a special, self-extinguishing PVC. In addition, EGI is a company in which professionalism, enthusiasm and the endowment of human resources are signature characteristics, making it “the biggest firm in its own small way". The constant analysis of customer needs is the real point of reference for the activities, and every business relationship takes the shape of a continuous dialogue in which the customers, illustrating their issues, allow EGI to deploy the best organizational resources to meet their needs. EGI: THE COMPANY LED BY THE CUSTOMER!

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