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The Edmonton Bicycle Commuters’ Society (EBC) is a non-profit group that promotes and supports cycling in Edmonton as an efficient, accessible and healthy mode of transportation. Established in 1980, EBC is the leading advocate for cyclists in Edmonton. Whether you ride a few times a week, 265 bike-friendly days a year, or year-round, EBC will give you the tools you need to enjoy cycling in Edmonton. EBC operates BikeWorks, a fully-equipped community bicycle workshop. We have new and used parts, all the tools you need to repair and maintain your two-wheeler, and volunteer mechanics to help you learn how to do it yourself. BikeWorks also accepts donated bicycles, parts and bicycle tires. Donations are refurbished, reused, or recycled depending on their condition. BikeWorks sells refurbished and project bicycles, most for under $100. EBC has a long history as the voice for cyclists in Edmonton, making it easier to get around the city by bike. Our advocacy efforts, including pushing for bikes on buses, more multiuse trails and better bike routes, have resulted in real improvements for city cyclists. EBC offers nationally certified CAN-BIKE cycling education to children, and to adults who have never ridden in traffic or who wish to upgrade their skills and comfort-level in traffic. We also offer a range of riding, mechanical and technical courses both at our shop and for other organizations.

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