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We are the international standards and certification body for the movement to end animal testing for cosmetic, personal care and household cleaning products. Represented by the internationally-recognised and trusted Leaping Bunny trademark, we endorse companies that meet the criteria of the Humane Standards. The Humane Standards were developed in the 1990s by leading international animal protection organisations. In the UK the certification scheme is managed by Cruelty Free International, in Europe by members of the European Coalition to End Animal Experiments and in the USA and Canada it is managed by the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics. Together we work with manufacturers and distributors to end animal testing in the supply chain. Over 600 brands have now gone ‘cruelty free’, proving that it is possible to produce safe, effective and highly marketable products without testing on animals. The ‘cruelty-free’ certification scheme allows and encourages manufacturers across the supply chain to: * Offer ethical shoppers a wider choice of products * Explore non-animal alternatives * Support efforts to finally end animal testing for cosmetics and household products

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