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Luigi Colani, (born in Berlin on 2 August 1928 as Lutz Colani), is a German industrial designer whose father came from Madulain near St. Moritz in Switzerland. 1957 Colani''s Alfa Romeo design is the first sports car to clock a lap of under 10 minutes at the Nürburgring; it can now be seen in the Martini Rosso Museum. 1959 The world''s first monocoque sports car: BMW 700 1960 World''s first kit car in series: 1700 cars, Colani GT 1981 Fuel economy world record set by the Colani 2CV (based on the French Citroën 2CV, 1.7 litres for 100 km with the original 2CV engine and chassis. 1987 Colani exhibition at Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris. Car design for Mazda, Japan 1991 Colani Ferrari sets record at Bonneville Speedway in Utah

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