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# City Property – Addressing the future Urban renewal is transformation in action. City Property is uniquely positioned as one of South Africa’s leading property asset management companies to improve the lives of those who live and work in our major cities. Our skilled team of professionals has a wealth of expertise and knowledge. City Property manages over 1 million square metres of malls, convenience shopping centres, industrial workshops, warehouses, offices, residential flats and apartments and retail outlets. Over 400 buildings have already benefited from our expertise and care – and we aim to grow our business year on year. Major clients include two JSE listed property loan stocks, Premium Properties Limited and Octodec Investments Limited, as well as a host of private clients. Together, we change the nature of South Africa’s inner cities by providing quality spaces for living and working to the future of South Africa. City Property has been operating since 1968 and is headed by founder and current chairman, Alec Wapnick, a Chartered Accountant, who is as ingrained in the property industry as the landmark buildings of the city centres. Wapnick pioneered the conversion of redundant and derelict office blocks in the Pretoria CBD into secure and desirable residential accommodation. After perfecting his model in Pretoria, armed with his belief in the life of the inner city of Johannesburg, took his successful recipe of regeneration to the Johannesburg CBD. Wapnick furthermore developed various well known industrial properties and retail developments. Jeffrey Wapnick is the Managing Director of City Property and applies his wealth of experience and expertise in the property industry to ensure the efficient administration of all properties. He also serves on the boards of Octodec Investments Limited and Premium Properties Limited.

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