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The main goal of our company is to increase the life expectancy and to improve quality of life. We have created an innovative biopharmaceuticals company that is focused on long-term development. In collaboration with our partners, and by applying cutting-edge science and management, we are able to solve our patients' serious health problems. Our key objective is to adopt creative and professional approaches to our tasks. We are always mindful of the fact that big achievements are the outcome of patience and hard work. Acquisition and accumulation of new knowledge is the foundation of our business. This allows us to discover new ways of addressing our patients’ health problems and to improve their conditions so that they can lead a happy life. Building a socially-oriented business that is based on the principles of respect for human rights and creating a positive environment around you is one of the primary goals at our company. Using all opportunities, we contribute to the economic development of our society, recognizing that this is important to long-term health of our business. We are a full cycle Russian biopharmaceutical company, holding the leading position for investment attractiveness among leading pharmaceutical companies. FOR PATIENTS We pay the utmost attention to our patients. Patient satisfaction and quality of life are our paramount guiding principles in the development and manufacturing of drugs. Therefore, we consider it important to identify directly the needs of patients and to be proactive by creating drugs that can treat diseases that are currently non-curable. Our products are more valuable to patients than their price. FOR PARTNERS We are open to cooperation with significant synergy potential and a view to robust expansion of our markets based on mutual benefits Understanding the complexity of the challenges we face, we stay within our core competencies, and we use all opportunities from our related knowledge. We do this by strengthening our own research and development activities, and by actively working with our colleagues - scientists, doctors and pharmacists. FOR EMPLOYEEES We believe that our capital is in our personnel. Realizing that the results of our operations are long-term, we create effective teams that are built on the principles of trust, understanding, support, teamwork, self-improvement, and generational continuity and that are focused on better results. Our policy with respect to employees is built on the principles of maximum use of capacity and potential of each and every employee . We reward those who exceed expectations and have outstanding results. We attract highly skilled employees, and for this we have created a corporate culture and social climate that encourages skilled and ambitious people. FOR STAKEHOLDERS We build our relationships with our stakeholders based on openness, trust and mutual understanding, and strive to increase the value of their investments. We believe that increased confidence in the company is the primary factor in the increase of capitalization. SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY We are socially responsible and active company. We honor and abide by the laws of countries where we do business. We clearly understand our position in society and defend it if necessary.

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