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United Arab Emirates, Bank, Investment Council, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Before we started, we had a dream, a dream to build a very different bank. It would make banking fresher, smarter and a lot more exciting, while still staying true to core Islamic values. This is Al Hilal Bank. With an authorized capital of AED 4 billion, Al Hilal Bank was founded by the Abu Dhabi Investment Council, an investment arm of the Abu Dhabi government. From our home in Abu Dhabi, we opened our first four branches in UAE on the 19th of June 2008. Since then we have grown and grown and grown. So what was the secret to our success? Quite simply,it was people. We opened in just 4 months because our dedicated staff worked day and night to make it happen. Without these very special people, we wouldn't have the bank we have today. They are the cornerstone of everything we do. To get them meant some intensive recruiting. In total we probably interviewed around 10,000 professionals before handpicking the very best from this region and abroad. We were fortunate to recruit extremely talented UAE Nationals; that bring with them vast experience and wealth of knowledge of the local banking market.

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