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For more than a decade, SIGSIM (formerly SIG) has been attending universities and businesses within the region of Latin America in the use of educational technology as an enhancer element for the development of skills and meaningful work skills and business competitiveness . Today's professionals require skilled, fast and effective in the development of their tasks, to be inserted successfully and sustained demanding working environment so today. Universities and companies recognize that traditional training methods fall short when it comes to equip their students with skills such as speed, agility and proactivity to identify problems and solve them, fulfilling the expectations of customers and profitability goals of the organizations which they participate. This vision of the development of skills and practical skills for work, encourages our partnership strategy with a selection of the best and most recognized companies in the area of ??educational innovation worldwide and which are constantly developing. We recognize the enormous challenges facing businesses and independent professionals of our continent within the context of increasing global competition and hopefully reviewing these pages, you can also display the great potential that educational technologies present to promote the development of competitive skills and entrepreneurial for our societies.

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